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Flowserve Performance!  Sizing and Selection Software

 Performance! is the sizing and selection software for Flowserve control valve products. Additional Flowserve products are added to Performance! annually. This program helps you identify the control valve package best suited to each set of service conditions. It provides a fast, user-friendly and flexible means for Size, select, and specify valves, actuators, and positioners; Data entry and verification; Import and export valve records and specifications automatically from different data formats (InTools, Excel, etc.)

Protectoseal Proflow III Sizing and Selection Software

     Contact Protectoseal to get the top Vent Sizing Software on the market.  Calculater your Flow at Specific Pressure Drops, Calculate Pressure Drops at Specific Flows.  Converts Flow Data to Standard Conditions, Calculate Credits for Emergency Venting.  Expanded Project(s) Saving Capabilities.

Winters Instruments Gauge Audit Program (G.A.P.)

     Reduce Service Interruptions, Improve Safety Conditions, Consolidate Your Inventory and Save on Repair and Replacement Costs by having Winters Come in and  Identify Malfunctioning or Misapplied Pressure or Temperature Gauges in your Facility.